Tests of bituminous binders and emulsions

We perform verifications of modified and unmodified bituminous binders’ properties.

  • Determination of needle penetration ČSN EN 1426
  • Determination of softening point – Ring and ball method ČSN EN 1427
  • Determination of the Fraass breaking point ČSN EN 12593
  • Determination of the tensile properties of modified bitumen by the force ductility method ČSN EN 13589, ČSN EN 13703
  • Determination of the elastic recovery of modified bitumen ČSN EN 13398
  • Determination of storage stability of modified bitumen ČSN EN 13399
  • Determination of the resistance to hardening under influence of heat and air – RTFOT method ČSN EN 12607-1
  • Determination of dynamic viscosity of bituminous binders using a rotating spindle apparatus ČSN EN 13302
  • Visualisation of polymer dispersion in polymer modified bitumen ČSN EN 13632
  • Determination of the pH value of water phase and bituminous emulsion ČSN EN 12850

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Central laboratory Jihlava

Ing. Radek Komenda
COLAS CZ, a.s., Kosovská 10, 586 37 Jihlava
Mobil: +420 605 305 135
E-mail: radek.komenda@colas.cz

Znojmo laboratory

Ing. Radek Komenda
COLAS CZ, a.s., Dyje 511, 669 02 Znojmo
Mobil: +420 605 305 135
E-mail: radek.komenda@colas.cz

Čenkov laboratory

Ing. Martin Sviták
COLAS CZ, a.s, 250 70 Odolena Voda
Mobil: +420 733 780 132
E-mail: martin.svitak@colas.cz