Tests of concrete and concrete structures

We perform tests of fresh and hardened concrete including non-destructive examination of concrete structures with Schmidt density meter.

  • Testing fresh concrete: Determination of consistency – Slump test ČSN EN 12350-2
  • Testing fresh concrete: Air content – Pressure method ČSN EN 12350-7
  • Testing hardened concrete: Fabrication and treatment of test specimens ČSN EN 12390-1
  • Testing hardened concrete: Determination of compressive strength of test specimens ČSN EN 12390-3
  • Testing hardened concrete: Determination of density ČSN EN 12390-7
  • Determination of resistance of cement concrete surface to water and defrosting chemicals, method A and C ČSN 73 1326, Z1
  • Testing hardened concrete: Determination of depth of penetration of water under pressure ČSN EN 12390-8
  • Determination of resistance of aggregates to freezing and thawing ČSN EN 1367-1


Central laboratory Jihlava

Ing. Radek Komenda
COLAS CZ, a.s., Kosovská 10, 586 37 Jihlava
Mobil: +420 605 305 135
E-mail: radek.komenda@colas.cz

Znojmo laboratory

Ing. Radek Komenda
COLAS CZ, a.s., Dyje 511, 669 02 Znojmo
Mobil: +420 605 305 135
E-mail: radek.komenda@colas.cz

Čenkov laboratory

Ing. Martin Sviták
COLAS CZ, a.s, 250 70 Odolena Voda
Mobil: +420 733 780 132
E-mail: martin.svitak@colas.cz